This is a compilation of recent classic Triumph cars at auction in the UK.

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Triumph Cars at auction

VehicleDateAuctioneerEstimateHammerReg no
1949 Triumph 2000 Roadster27/01/2018ACA£14-16kNRA 485
1962 Triumph TR402/12/2017CCA£18,700874 XUM
1966 Triumph TR402/12/2017CCA£16,280None
1967 Triumph Spitfire27/01/2018ACA£7-9kPMV 693
1969 Triumph Herald26/01/2018SWVA£3400-£3800XRC 292H
1970 Triumph Stag (project)27/01/2018ACANo reserve?
1971 Triumph GT6 MkIII02/12/2017CCA£7,480FFH 205K
1971 Triumph Spitfire02/12/2017CCA£5-7k£8,360JTD 507K
1972 Triumph TR602/12/2017CCA£18-22k£20,900EOX 976L
1973 Triumph TR605/12/2017Coys£13-17kNo sale
1973 Triumph Stag mk212/12/2017Barons£17-20kNo saleOCR 555M
1974 Triumph Stag02/12/2017CCA£10-12kNo saleTKE 749N
1974 Triumph Stag automatic27/01/2018ACA£10-12kGNR 166N
1975 Triumph TR602/12/2017CCA£12,750JTB 849P
1976 Triumph Spitfire27/01/2018ACA£4750-5750PKN 923R
1977 Triumph TR7 (project)27/01/2018ACAt.b.a.TRA 427R
1978 Triumph Dolomite 150027/01/2018ACANo reserve472 CCV
1979 Triumph TR721/01/2018ACANo reserve?
1981 Triumph TR727/01/2018ACA£6500-7500DOW 281W


Triumph cars at auction include this 1949 Triumph 2000 Roadster, top be auctioned by Anglia Car Auctions on 27th January 2018.
This 1949 Triumph 2000 Roadster will be auctioned by Anglia Car Auctions on 27th January 2018. Photo credit: ACA.