This is a compilation of recent classic Land Rover auction listings in the UK. Click each vehicle to be taken to the auctioneers’ descriptions. You can also click each column header to sort by date, price, reg number etc.

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VehicleSale DateAuctioneerEstimateHammerReg no
1950 Series I 80inDecember 2, 2017CCA£28-32k£29,700RFO 911
1954 Series I 86December 12, 2017Barons£17-22kLJU 307
1957 Series I 88inDecember 2, 2017CCA£18-22k£15,180PSK 262
1961 Series IIA 88inDecember 2, 2017CCA£10-12kWithdrawn356 FOA
1976 101 Forward Control GSDecember 2, 2017CCA£5-7k£11,550UBV 732P
1979 Series III 109 V8 CSWDecember 2, 2017CCA£10-12k£8400HDH 819T
1978 Series III 88inDecember 2, 2017CCA£5-7k£5280SJK 337S
1981 Range Rover Classic (2dr)July 8, 2017HistoricsNo res£679UKH 902W
1981 Range Rover Classic (4dr)March 3, 2018Historics£9-14kVLB 709X
1990 Range Rover Classic Vogue SEJanuary 26, 2018SWVA£5-6kH92 KJC
1991 Range Rover ClassicDecember 2, 2017CCA£21,450H698 FUT
1991 Range Rover Classic Vogue SEDecember 2, 2017CCA£17,600J84 OAC
1992 Range Rover Classic VogueDecember 2, 2017CCA£9-11k£8800J927 JGU
1996 Range Rover ClassicJuly 8, 2017HistoricsNo res£1792EJZ 2254
2006 Defender 110 Td5 XSDecember 2, 2017CCA£12-15k£15,180DN06 TWV

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